tips for college:

  • no 1 cares if you eat alone in the dining hall
  • dont be scared of upperclassmen they dont care
  • dont raise your hand to go to the bathroom 
  • dont bring a handwritten sick note from ur mom

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If this isn’t about race, why are racists donating to darren wilson?

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wish i was from the 60s and was some kind of tall blonde babe with tattoos who would get fucked to led zeppelin

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#ass doesn’t exist? that’s some bull

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i was just posing sensually when the camera turned on by itself i am not a model

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wow I didn’t know fuckin chocolate eggs were gendered


I work at a concession stand in an ice rink. We sell a bunch of chocolate bars and snacks and shit including Kinder Surprise eggs.

So one day this woman comes up to the counter with her two little kids, a girl who’s probably about 6 or 7 and a little boy, maybe 3 or 4. The mom asks what they want, the little girl points at the Kinder eggs and says “One of those!”. I asked if she wanted the white or the pink egg. She said pink. The little boy pointed to the Kinder eggs and says “One of those!”. I asked if he wanted the white or the pink egg. He said pink. HOLY SHIT IT WAS LIKE I OPENED THE GATES OF HELL. The mom absolutely FLIPPED and was like “YOU ARE NOT GETTING THE PINK EGG IT’S ONLY FOR GIRLS. YOU CAN GET THE WHITE ONE OR NOTHING AT ALL”. The little boy looked at his mom and said “But I want the same as ______ (whatever the sister’s name was)”. The mom completely ignored him and turned to me and gave me a death glare. “He can have the white egg.”

I had to give a little boy a white egg when he wanted the pink so that he could be the same as his big sister and he started crying. The mom just reiterated that the pink egg was for girls and told him that boys don’t cry.

And this is why we shouldn’t gender fucking chocolate eggs.

I was hoping it was just strawberry flavor, I wants wrong.

I want Kinder Eggs so bad but they are illegal here in the US and if you try ordering it overseas they will seize them. I order fucking circle lenses and they get through customs but KINDER EGGS will get confiscated and destroyed.

Wtf are kinder eggs?!

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practicing yoga with my husband

This could be us, but you cant stop bringing home pizza and wings and I cant resist once they’re in the house.

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